If you’ve been hanging around with me for a bit now, I hate to beat a dead horse (I hate that reference, but it seemed appropriate) ….

But finding your unique purpose is one of the most important discoveries you will ever make.

Having a clearly defined purpose is linked to better physical health, an increase in personal wealth, more spiritual connectedness and gratefulness, improved relationships, and overall better mental health or emotions.

Purpose is what spurs us into action every day. It sets our path so we can be assured that we are taking the right actions every day, instead of stumbling through life, feeling lost. It’s how we can live intentionally, achieve personal success, obtain constant drive and energy, and how we can positively impact the world in every way, shape, and form, every day.

But, the question is…how do we find our purpose?

Let me be clear: Purpose is not a destination. It is a journey. But, being on that journey is what leads us to feeling healthier, wealthier, and that deep sense of fulfillment that we all crave.

So, here are 3 simple steps to help you discover and define your purpose in this world:

#1 Find your passions

What did you enjoy as a child? What did you feel drawn to? You know, maybe before the world crushed you into a “societally acceptable human” a bit.

What do you enjoy doing NOW? Even if you don’t always enjoy your day-to-day routine, are there little tidbits of things you like to do sprinkled in between? Maybe you enjoy talking to or connecting with people. Maybe you enjoy being outside on your morning jog.

Bottom line: Ask yourself – what have you enjoyed doing in the past and what do you enjoy doing now?

#2 Uncover your values

What annoys you when people do _____. Or DON’T do _____.

What qualities do you enjoy expressing and what qualities do you want to cultivate in the world? For example, one of my biggest personal values is personal responsibility and self-awareness, which is exactly why I chose to cultivate this whole ‘intentionality’ idea.

#3 Discover your strengths

Strengths are different from skills – strengths are your natural gifts, or the things you are naturally good at. Are you a natural at staying organized, or at connecting with people?

What do other people say you’re good at?

I’m going to go ahead and throw in a little bonus, here…

BONUS: Define your skills

Though not always necessary, I think it is important to consider you skills, which are things you have learned to be good at. I sometimes hesitate to mention this, because I don’t want people to get hung up on the idea that you have to already have a certain skill in order to successfully carry out your purpose. Skills can always be learned.

But, I do believe that God put you into specific places and situations to develop you for your intended purpose, so it is important to take your current skills into consideration.

For example, maybe you have worked an office job, that allowed you to become skilled at Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. In what you feel called to do, how can you apply those things that you have learned?

Once you have all of these points together (maybe written down, if you’re a high-achiever 😉), take a look at where they might intersect. They may intersect in a variety of ways, but this will give you insight into who you are, what you stand for, and what you feel called to do in this world.


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