How To Get Motivated In 10 Seconds Or Less

Motivation can feel like an elusive concept at times. Even the most driven people can suffer from a lack of motivation. We’ve all been there before – thinking “If I could just find the motivation, my life would be better, I’d be doing what I want to do, I’d lose the...

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5 Ways To Reduce Stress And Overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm have become a common complaint across society today. So much so, that many experience it on a daily basis. And it’s no question why – nowadays we are surrounded with endless information, dings, pings, tasks, and responsibilities, all vying for our...

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5 Ways To Beat The Winter (Spring?!?) Time Blues

It’s cold…damp…and gray… Not here in South Florida (lol), but TRUST ME…I’m Ohio born and raised, so I know what it’s like to deal with the dingy, depressing landscape, the constant chills, and those “weather-dependent moods”. Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as...

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How To Feel Better – The Secrets To Happiness

Can you REALLY control how you feel? There seems to be two ideologies referenced when it comes to emotions: 1) we can choose how we feel, no matter what, in any given scenario. 2) We instinctively react, with no control of our emotions The first theory is touted by...

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